Millions Starving
and Need Food Fast

Ashu is a skinny 12-year-old who spends his days in one of Delhi’s biggest garbage dumps, working as a “ragpicker.” This means he scavenges for scrap metal. He uses a rusty sieve to sort through stinking mountains of trash. On a good day, he can earn 53¢. But under India’s COVID-19 lockdown, Ashu can’t go to the dump to work. If he’s caught, the police will beat him.

The New York Times took a picture of him recently and interviewed him. Ashu’s greatest fear wasn’t COVID. It was something even more fundamental: “Not being able to eat.” When he’s desperate enough for food, he knows he’ll have to return to the dump–and risk the beatings.

Ashu isn’t the only one in India struggling to get by. In many parts of India, food is scarce–and prices have skyrocketed. There are as many as 200 million people unemployed, many of them literally starving. Many are more worried about finding food than avoiding COVID-19.

But you and I can help them. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus to them. We can feed them. It only takes a dollar a day. A gift of $90 today will feed an entire family like Ashu’s for the next 3 critical months. Maybe the Lord has blessed you and you are able to give more. $180 will feed 2 families; $270 will feed 3. Amazingly, $450 will feed 5 families for 3 months. Whatever you can give right now will keep children and families alive.

It only takes a dollar a day to save a family in India. Every $30 given today will keep a family alive for a full month. Thank you for helping feed hungry children and families in India!

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