Pray With Us

March 8th—International Women’s Day


Pray for India’s women and girls…

International Women’s Day celebrates the important role women play in society and seeks equality and empowerment for women and girls worldwide.
Recognizing the vulnerability of women in India, Good Shepherd India prioritizes women in all areas of our work. We do this not only by serving women — through empowerment programs, job skills training, education, and more — but by including women as valued members of our Good Shepherd teams who share God’s love across India.
Thank you for the personal part you play in this life-changing work. And please — join us in praying on International Women’s Day, March 8:
• Pray for the empowerment of women through our job skills training programs … and for the next generation of women attending our Good Shepherd Schools.
• Pray for the women on our Good Shepherd teams who bravely share the love of Jesus across India, even in the face of immense challenges.

God bless you for showing India’s women and girls that God loves and values them!